Teeth Whitening

Commonly Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

dentistry-colorado-springs-smiling-facesWhen one drinks certain beverages such as tea, coffee and soda over a long period of time, their teeth may end up losing some brightness and thus end up becoming darker. This can also be caused by lack of dental hygiene as well as tobacco use. Discolored teeth can also be caused by some medication or illnesses taken during young age. There are several options available for convenient, easy teeth whitening to restore that appealing smile, irrespective of how the teeth lost their brightness.

Though most over-the counter whitening strips or kits don’t really deliver the promised results, most people still prefer to have their teeth whitened. This trend is making whitening more widely used and acceptable as well. This has grown to be one of the most sought after services at our dental practice.

While each person has their own needs, our aim is to meet the needs of each patient who visits us. In just a single visit, we can whiten your teeth to make them more attractive. One of the whitening methods employed by our trained professionals is the use of gels that contain hydrogen peroxide. This is both a gentle yet effective solution which will surely transform one’s smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will Whitening Affect My Teeth?

One needs to have a detailed dental exam before they can embark on any whitening procedure. Although the process can substantially make the teeth brighter, there are cases where it simply doesn’t work. People with fillings, bridges and crowns should also steer clear from this procedure, as well as anyone whose teeth have cracks, decay or leaking fillings. This is because the solution can cause irritation to the nerves in the gum, which often results in discomfort. In extreme cases, it could lead to some sort of endodontic treatment. When the process is complete, there may be need to have restorative procedures carried out once more.

Can I do it on My Own?

This is possible. One should however note that over the counter kits contain low concentrations of the active ingredients. For this reason, they’re not as effective as having a professional handle the process. The products used here usually contain higher concentrations of the active ingredients, which makes them more effective in whitening teeth. It would also be safer and more comfortable to have the procedure carry out by a professional. This gives one the assurance that the entire process will be carried out correctly and thoroughly.

Is There Anything That Needs to be Done Before the Procedure?

To avoid damaging the nerves in the teeth or putting them at risk, one should ensure that any restorative work (including fillings) is done before the whitening process begins. A dentist also needs to monitor the whitening closely if the teeth have any fractures or cracks, irrespective of size. If the teeth had unnoticed cracks, the whitening treatment needs to be discontinued if one experiences any pain or sensitivity.

Are There Things That Need to be Done After Whitening?

It may take up to two weeks to notice any changes in the color of the teeth as a result of the whitening procedure. During this time, one should avoid smoking and take caution on what they eat and drink. Foods which could potentially cause staining should be avoided completely. To ensure that the teeth’s color matches perfectly and bonds securely, one needs to avoid any composite bonding during the said two week period. Even after this elapses, one is advised to cut down on soda, coffee, tea and smoking as these things could potentially cause stains. It’s also advisable to have follow-up appointments with the dentist after the whitening process. This is necessary to help one maintain healthy, attractive teeth.