Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery Doesn’t Have To Be Scarycolorado-springs-dentists-woman-putting-on-lipstick2

The technology involved in today’s dentistry will blow your mind. The latest techniques translate to less time spent sitting in a chair and greater ability to produce great smiles.

Let’s look at dental implants. With this procedure you’re able to replace a tooth or customize a solution for replacing many. The process if affordable and can put your teeth back into a state you can be proud of.

Dental implants are superior and more preferable to most people than dentures. Dentures are designed to last for only around 5 to 7 years. Implants last you an entire lifetime if you take care of them. Implants masquerade as real teeth and can prevent future bone loss. They look totally natural. You can have them put in after just a couple of visits and you will never go without teeth again. If you are interested in getting some for yourself, then get a professional consultation and see if they’re the right fit for you.

Bone grafts are something you can take care of at the dentist office. Anyone needing a graft receives a sterilized and processed bovine bone. This method has been time tested and proven. It works very well and heals right into the patient’s bone.

Sometimes the teeth are aligned in a way that they are too crowded which calls for extractions. They can be painful and once a tooth is removed it can look a bit gruesome. Once a tooth gets to the point of causing infection and pain it needs to be removed. If not, they can affect your overall health. Most dentists recommend trying to keep your real teeth as long as possible, but not to try to keep any that become detrimental to your health.

Periodontal disease is another reason for teeth to come out. Your dentist will number the extraction area and once it is ready, pull the tooth. Once the tooth is out some gauze is applied until clotting occurs. There are times when stitches may be needed. Anytime you are letting a dentist work on you, make sure you have disclosed everything concerning your health and any medications you might be taking. Your medical history can affect your treatment.

Your wisdom teeth are in the back of your mouth and many times become impacted. They have a tendency to push against the jawbone due to their position within the mouth. Removal is usually a simple procedure, as most military veterans can tell you.

There are also time when the problem is more severe, which means oral surgery. When you are dealing with an oral surgeon always disclose all your medical information and hold back nothing. They need to know everything so they can proceed properly and at the same time protect you from harm.

Once most procedures are over you will be advised to go home and get plenty of rest along with whatever instructions may be necessary. Usually this involves drinking lots of fluids and eating only soft foods. A warm salt-water rinse nearly always follows any type of dental work. If you experience fever you should call your dentist or doctor right away. Most of these dental procedures go off without a hitch and people heal up and feel better in no time.

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